Tuesday, July 25, 2006

I have something of a sweet tooth.

People! I am turning 25 in two days, and I am now faced with a decision which will have repercussions for the rest of my life should I choose poorly.

I have to decide on the appropriate baked goods.

Should I:
a) Bake brownies. From scratch! I'm not much of a cook, really, but boy howdy, I can bake the hell out of some desserts. And I mean that in a good way-- not in the way I meant it when Mark looked perplexedly at the pot roast I'd ruined and I said sadly, "I cooked the hell out of it."

b) Bake a cake. This is the most traditional route to go and although I do love brownies, goddamn, I love me some cake too.

c) Buy cake from the store. Admittedly, it won't taste as good as a cake I bake myself, but it eliminates the need for me to invest any labor in my birthday dessert. Because in addition to loving cake, I am also extremely lazy.

I considered baking a pie, but upon further examination, I decided that a pie would be too close to health food since it would be filled with fruit. (Oh god, fruit pies... *drool*) This was also the reasoning behind rejecting the option of strawberry shortcake, even though it is another dessert I adore. On my birthday, I want to consume a dessert brimming with unmitigated unhealthful-ness. Frosting! Chocolate! SUGAR! Christ, I'm getting high just thinking about it.

Someone please help me before I hurt myself.


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