Monday, June 19, 2006

School Daze

I am currently awaiting an e-mail containing my FAFSA PIN from the US Department of Education. I have forgotten the number, and although I'm sure I wrote it down someplace last year, I cannot for the life of me locate that scrap of paper, and thus I was forced to request it e-mailed to me. Usually these sorts of things are almost instantaneous, but not from the government; no, they gave me this message: "Within 4 hours you will receive a PIN notification email with instructions on how to retrieve your PIN." This was nearly three hours ago, and I have yet to receive the promised e-mail.

I went to Bend over the weekend to see my friend Yancy graduate from OSU-Cascades and visit with my dad for Father's Day. My mother's friend also graduated from COCC's Emergency Medical Services program, so I went to her graduation ceremony Saturday morning and Yancy's in the afternoon. Both were outside, and I did something phenomenally stupid: I forgot to wear sunblock. My right arm, the back of my neck, and my nose are burnt to a crisp and stinging miserably. It wouldn't be so bad if I could console myself with the thought of the tan I would get out of this, except that my pale-ass skin just burns and peels and then turns white again. So I'm enduring misery for NOTHING.

Summer term starts up in exactly a week, and I am struggling to create a list of worthwhile things I would like to accomplish during my break. So far all I can come up with is "nap."


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